“His improvement has been amazing! The skills he has built & the confidence he has gained has provided a foundation for all the new material coming his way”
- Jill H. (Flemington)
Thanks to you, our daughter has reached her target SAT result. She is much more confident about her college opportunities and is unafraid to go after her stretch schools. Your prep program was a smashing success!
- Jennifer G. (Lebanon)
We are pleased to be able to highly recommend Silver Oak Learning. Both of our children have benefited tremendously from your programs and your dedicated instructors.
- Bill & Linda (Glen Gardner)

When you’re looking to help your child do better in school, there’s certainly no shortage of options. Silver Oak’s management team has managed and worked in schools, learning centers, and academic enrichment programs for decades.

Our core principle upon which all our services are built is simply this:

We help students reach their fullest potential.

How? We spend a great deal of time getting to know your child during the assessment and your initial consultation. Our assessment is thorough and accurate, which increases the effectiveness of all our programs. We match each child to the teacher that best suits his/her personality and learning style. We collaborate with your child’s school in designing a learning program that aligns with the school’s curriculum.

At Silver Oak Learning Centers, every student’s program is personally customized.

We implement a “whole student” approach to learning. Instead of completing today’s homework assignment or helping students pass their next test, we focus on building academic skills that will benefit your child in and out of the classroom. These academic skills include:

  • Independence — We foster independence and teach students to succeed in a classroom setting.
  • Efficiency — Students work smarter so they are more efficient at homework, reading comprehension, and test-taking.
  • Study Skills — Students learn organization skills and better study habits that will benefit them throughout their educational career.
  • Subject Mastery — We build a solid academic foundation by filling in any skill gaps, which gives students the confidence to master future challenges.
  • Attitude — We actively engage students by offering incentives and recognition, which increases motivation and helps to create a desire to learn.
  • Reaching Your Fullest Potential means success at every level — moving from a C to a B; from a B to an A; from middle school to high school; from high school to college; and from dependent learner to independent learner.

    We want parents, students, teachers, and guidance counselors to understand that Silver Oak Learning Center is a place for every student regardless of his/her academic ability.

    Our programs can help the struggling 4th grader who has fallen behind in Math, the disengaged 7th grader who lacks motivation and discipline, or the high-achieving high school student who wants to improve her SAT scores so she can go to the college of her choice.

    Bottom line: Every student can experience growth that will improve results in the long run.

    If this sounds like the academic solution you’ve been searching for, we genuinely look forward to the possibility of working with you and your family.