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Time Management

Time Management   Parents and students complain to me all the time that there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done, and while that may be true, there are usually plenty of untapped resources students and families could be using to budget their time more effectively. Let’s consider why students may feel…

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Making the Most of Parent-Teacher Conferences

It is no secret that parental involvement is associated with higher student achievement outcomes. In fact, a recent report from Southwest Educational Development Laboratory[i] found that regardless of family income or background, students with involved parents are more likely to earn higher grades and test scores, enroll in higher-level programs, and graduate and go on…

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Study Skills Tips

Most kids (and, honestly, most adults) don’t know how to study. They either assume that simply going to class and taking basic notes are enough, or that rereading the material or said notes over and over again will embed the information into the deepest recesses of their brains. Neither is particularly effective. There’s lots of…

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What is the ACT?

With all of the changes to the SAT this year, I have a lot of parents asking about the ACT. They’ve heard that it’s easier, or better for students interested in math and science, so they want to know about preparing for it instead of preparing for the SAT. In this post, I want to…

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When to Study for the SAT?

What Timeline is Right for You? With the Redesigned SAT’s push towards becoming more of a Common-Core content-driven test, preparing for the SAT starts far before buying the prep books and signing up to get the SAT question-of-the-day. It begins with a solid foundation of critical reading and math skills developed in the classroom over…

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