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  • Academic Support and Enrichment

    The curriculum, the workload, the instructional style, even the environment are created to best benefit your son or daughter’s needs. Our tutoring service process starts with the assessment necessary…

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  • Premium SAT or ACT Prep

    Our best test prep program designed for students willing to put in maximum effort and desiring the most attention, structure, and support to achieve their highest score. The most…

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  • Standard SAT or ACT Prep

    Our most popular test prep program designed for students who want to thoroughly prepare to achieve their score goals. Thorough review of all subject areas and test concepts. 60…

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  • Select SAT or ACT Prep

    Designed for students who have a limited amount of time for preparation and have the tenacity to tackle a more rigorous homework schedule. Accelerated review of all subject areas…

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  • Middle School Foundations Summer Review (July 25th-July 28th)

    Fundamental foundations will be included.  Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole and rational numbers.  Precents, decimals order of operations, exponents and basic probability and statistics will be covered.



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  • Algebra I Summer Review (August 1st-August 4th)

    This small group class is designed to cover a solid review of topics including operations with polynomials and matrices, creation and application of linear functions and relations, algebraic representations…

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  • Algebra II Summer Review (August 15th-August 18th)

    The course increases understanding of facts and principles learned in Algebra I, including fundamental operations, functions, systems of linear equations, exponents, radicals, and quadratic equations, complex numbers, and logarithms.



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  • Geometry Summer Review (August 8th-August 11th)

    Topics to be covered include reasoning and proofs, parallel and perpendicular lines, relationships within triangles, two and three-dimensional figures, transformations, right triangle trigonometry, and circles.


    Location: Annandale Center located at…

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