Interpreting PARCC Results

You’ve gotten the broad flat envelope in the mail, or from your child’s backpack. Inside you find pages of data and information about how he or she did on the PARCC assessment. But what do these PARCC assessment results mean and what should you do with them?

The PARCC results are split into two sections, but both ELA/Literacy and Mathematics follow the same structure. In the either section, the first thing you’ll notice is an overall performance score, level 1-5 and a number up to 850.  The levels are:

(ISR) Individual Student Report PARCC_spreoy15The numerical score represents your child’s actual score on this section of the PARCC. You’ll also see School, District, State and PARCC average for the same test your child took, for context. Although some parents rush to panic if their child scores a Level 3 or below, it is vital to read the rest of your child’s score report to see exactly where help is needed.

ELA/Literacy is split into two subcategories, Reading and Writing, and each student gets a subscore in those areas as well as a reference grid to compare to school, district and state averages. Furthermore, below that information lie two or three detailed testing areas depending on the subcategory. The Math section only has the detailed testing areas, rather than subcategories. Each detailed testing area will have an arrow icon beside it, to indicate your child’s level of proficiency on this skill.

PARCC arrow legends

Now you’ve read the results and know your child needs to improve in some areas, maybe only one or two, or maybe in many. You should certainly reach out to your student’s teacher or teachers, but not all students have all their educational needs fulfilled through classroom instruction. At Silver Oak Learning Centers, we have friendly, professional tutors ready to work with your child to improve his or her skills, confidence and readiness for future testing!