March SAT Results

The first SAT may have come and gone already, but the hard part—waiting for your results—has only begun. You may have already known that the March SAT results are set to come in later than the typical 19 days. What you may not have known is just how much later, and that the May and June tests will follow the same pattern. The CollegeBoard website has a table that lists when we can expect scores from the March – June SATs:

  • March Test – May 10th
  • May Test – Mid-June
  • June Test – Mid-July

This means that those who planned on waiting until getting your March scores before deciding how to proceed may want to rethink your strategy. Since the results of each test won’t be available until after the administration of the next one, your best bet is to crack your book back open and continue preparing like you are taking them for the first time.

As always, if you have any questions about the SAT or its scoring, give Silver Oak a call.

Mike Constanza is the Director of Learning and Technology for Silver Oak Learning K-12. His expertise is primarily in reading, writing, SAT and ACT prep.