Your student needs a road map

In education today, high stakes standardized testing is a concern for both educators and parents. Many parents today are concerned that their child’s education is geared towards a test. At Silver Oak Learning, we understand that strong foundational skills make all the difference when it comes to academic performance.

As the infographic on the right illustrates, our process begins with every child taking a diagnostic assessment that incorporates several different tests and methods to look at the student’s foundational skills. Many of our tests are verbal and visual where the student is interacting with our staff, while some are pencil and paper.

From the various tests and through parent and student discussions, we identify any skill gaps the student may have. Academic skill gaps are the number one cause for students struggling in school.

Once all information is gathered and analyzed, a family meeting is scheduled with one of our Testing Specialists. It is important that both parents attend this meeting, so that as much information as possible can be gathered. At this meeting, student goals are developed and we explain how we will get your child to those goals. We will also learn more about your child’s needs and behaviors.

Next, an Individualized Learning Plan is developed for each student based on all of the data gathered. This plan allows our state-certified instructors to teach skills to your child that are impeding his or her education.

It is this targeted skill-building that allows for rapid growth.

Silver Oak Instructor with student