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Our program, available for 5th-8th grades and 9th-12th grades, focuses on dramatically improving your child’s study skills and learning capabilities in the following six areas:

  • Test Preparation — Students learn the five-day test preparation strategies for successfully taking tests, including how to reduce test anxiety.
  • Test-taking Strategies — Students learn and practice various types of test-taking strategies.
  • Managing Study Time and Routines — Students learn how to outline a monthly/weekly schedule that takes into consideration study time, homework time, and other activities.
  • Taking Notes — Students learn how to take effective notes from both instruction in the classroom and their textbooks.
  • Remembering Information — Students learn how to remember pertinent information from textbooks and class notes.
  • Using Reference Sources — Students learn how to utilize resources and the value within available resources.

The study skills developed here will take them far beyond their current grade level, but will give them significant advantages while attending college.

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