How does Silver Oak make Summer Learning Fun?

No kid wants to hear this, but studies show that year-round students are significantly more effective in organizing their time, retaining skills and maintaining consistent academic improvement. Luckily for many students, there’s no danger of local schools switching to 12-month calendars. However, there are some ways to enjoy the benefits of year-round learning without having to wake up early all summer. Let us explore ways to make summer learning fun!

At Silver Oak, we offer both ongoing instruction and Idea Factory programs throughout the summer months and during every break. These two simultaneous tracks allow students to mix fun and educational enrichment. The benefits? Engaged, active and enthusiastic learners, of all ages, levels and skill sets. Education is not the sole domain of the educated, in fact limiting instruction to the successful is unsustainable. Instead, we focus on an inclusive environment that encourages experimentation and creativity.

If your child struggled with material over the past year, summer instruction can reinforce that material, and prepare for the next steps. If your child wasn’t challenged enough, a summer program with one of our personable and skilled instructors can go beyond prepping for next year, your child can discover new interests. Many students struggle with the transition from middle school to high school because they lack truly self motivated study skills. We have programs to fit every learner, all mixed in with lots of praise and rewards for effort as well as for success.

Ok, so Silver Oak can help with traditional scholastic material like reading, writing, and math (and of course we’re well known for our exceptional test prep program), but what about students who don’t find academics thrilling? That’s where our Idea Factory programs fit in. In the past we’ve done sessions on 3-D printing, Fibonacci Sequence in the Real World, Go Fish (engineering prosthetic fish tails) and Video Game Design Proposals. This summer we’re having all new topics, so stay tuned to our blog and email list or contact us directly to find out more.