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When to Study for the SAT?

What Timeline is Right for You? With the Redesigned SAT’s push towards becoming more of a Common-Core content-driven test, preparing for the SAT starts far before buying the prep books and signing up to get the SAT question-of-the-day. It begins with a solid foundation of critical reading and math skills developed in the classroom over…

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March SAT Results

The first SAT may have come and gone already, but the hard part—waiting for your results—has only begun. You may have already known that the March SAT results are set to come in later than the typical 19 days. What you may not have known is just how much later, and that the May and…

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Are We Becoming Less Intelligent?

The real purpose of education, whether public or private, is to prepare young people for the ability to succeed in their chosen adult profession. Advisers and Counselors assess the students in their charge, and try to align courses with where the students hope to go professionally. But we all realize the ratio of students to…

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