Tutoring services at Silver Oak Learning go well beyond simply helping with homework. The curriculum, the workload, the instructional style, even the environment are created to best benefit your son or daughter’s needs.

Our tutoring service process starts with the assessment necessary to identify scholastic skills gaps, and allows your son or daughter to get the attention directly where it is needed. And over time evolves into a process of improved study skills and critical thinking development that no in-home tutor can match.

Even our environment is unique in our tutoring services: our centers are designed to cultivate communication between the student and the teacher and minimize distractions. The setting for private home tutoring can often be too familiar and actually create obstacles to learning. And there is often negative peer pressure associated with “staying after class”. But participating in a recognized and proven academic program is often looked upon like sports: extra coaching and practice to improve performance.

Go Way Beyond Home Tutoring

Private home tutors are unlikely to formally assess your son or daughter for weaknesses nor are they able to design a program to correct specific areas. Private tutoring will help with homework and studying, fix weak areas that they happen to notice, but ultimately they leave the student no farther along in reading or math skills than before.

Enrolling your son or daughter in a Silver Oak tutoring service program is not necessarily an indictment of a particular school or education system. It is an assessment and reinforcement tool that will benefit your child in the long term, allow for a customized instruction most schools are unequipped to provide, and actually compliments any school program.

A tutoring service program with Silver Oak Learning will:

  • Pinpoint weak scholastic skills and
  • Improve critical thinking
  • Develop better study skills
  • Offer the opportunity to work with recognized, up to date curricula
  • Provide teachers who have undergone a stringent evaluation process

Tutoring services with Silver Oak Learning provides many scheduling choices, and we have two convenient locations. Call, or send us an e-mail, to arrange a walk-through visit with one of our center directors. No hard sell, just an opportunity to see for yourself why tutoring services offered by Silver Oak Learning may be the better choice for your son or daughter than other alternatives.

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